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House Cleaning

Cleaning Contractors NSW provides comprehensive house cleaning in Sydney. Our house cleaning service is the envy of other cleaning services. When considering which cleaning service to use, we recommend you give some thought to how we can assist you. We find customers in Sydney are discerning and are looking for a quality service they can rely on.

We cater to all sorts of requests and are able to carry out all reasonable instructions. We work hard to provide value for money because we know you work hard to earn your money. We provide honest information upfront and make you fully aware of what we are able to provide, and how we can provide our service to you.

Customers in Sydney can use our house cleaning service for a spring clean of their home. We can arrange a convenient time to come to your house and start a full spring clean. A spring clean includes quite a few aspects like a deep cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom, removing all contents from cupboards, cleaning thoroughly and placing the items back. Off course we work to your instructions, so if you don’t need the inside of your cupboards cleaned we won’t clean them.

When cleaning the bathroom we take into consideration the whole room and look at cleaning all the wall tiles, window and sill. We clean carefully around the taps and spout to remove any build up calcium and moult. We clean the sink and drain so that it becomes shiny again. We plan how to clean the shower and use special cleaning agents to make light work of shower scum. Cleaning the glass in a shower is an arduous task and we take it seriously knowing we need to dedicate time to scrub out the shower to try and bring it back to life.

When cleaning the laundry we include any additional toilet in the laundry room. If there is a dryer, it can often spray all the lint over the surfaces and is very difficult to clean away properly, so we pay special attention to the walls and surrounding areas to check for any dust or lint build up. We wash out the laundry trough and clean behind the washing machine where possible.


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We clean each bedroom thoroughly including the light and light switches, any ceiling fan, the windows and sills; we clean the skirting and walls as well. Where possible we move furniture to clean behind them as dust often builds up behind furniture that isn’t moved very often. Our cleaning process will help to make your home more hygienic and less susceptible to bacteria and other germs.

Houses in Sydney often have well used lounge and family rooms. The high use of these rooms means there can be an increased build up of dirt and other undesirable filth. We can have a team of cleaners that work in different rooms at once and our lounge and family room cleaning specialist knows where to look for the dirt and how to most efficiently clean up the rooms. Our cleaners can provide comprehensive cleaning services so that all parts of the rooms are cleaned from top to bottom.

We make sure we vacuum any carpet and sweep and mop all other floors. We check and clean the front and rear entrances and clean for maximum affect. We can also sweep out your carport or garage and remove any cobwebs. We can even wash down any garage doors and clean the lights, light switches and door.

Our house cleaning in Sydney can be for an end of lease for your vacated property. We provide end of lease cleaning for houses, apartments and townhouses. For end of lease cleaning in Sydney the house is often empty prior to our arrival which allows us to carry out your end of lease cleaning with ease and efficiency.

Our vacate house cleaning service is available on request for a one off clean. The house may be vacated for a number of reasons and now that it is empty you need a specialist vacate cleaning service. Sydney Home Cleaners can provide this service without any fuss and make it easy to secure a booking.

House cleaning in Sydney after building or renovations is an often requested one off cleaning service. It can be very important to the homeowner to make sure their house is liveable without having to worry about builders dust making a permanent home in your house. Our builders cleaning are second to none and a worthwhile investment in your house.

Real estate agents in Sydney use us when they need a reliable house cleaning service for their domestic houses they are managing or selling. Real estate agents can phone or email us with their cleaning instructions with some background including their deadline for completion and we should be able to satisfy all of the requests.

Cleaning Contractors NSW is often asked to help with emergency cleaning situations for customers in Sydney. This may be because a previous cleaning engagement was cancelled or not done to standard or it may simply be because of your limited time and finally you are getting around scheduling cleaning at the last minute. Last minute bookings are common given the busy lives we live today.

House cleaning in Sydney can include window cleaning depending on your preference. Window cleaning can be a big job so we recommend you consider carefully if you need your windows cleaned. We can provide window cleaning either as a one off service when we are conducting a house clean or as a regular stand alone service.

Sometimes you may want to really freshen and clean your house so you may want to schedule carpet cleaning when booking your house cleaning. Our customers in Sydney sometimes go to this extent because homeowners rarely steam clean their own carpets. It is a requirement for all rental houses but when you buy a home steam cleaning of the carpets is often one of the last things on your mind and the carpets can be neglected for years and years. Our steam carpet cleaning should help to remove the build up of dirt ingrained into the carpet and should reduce any visible stain.

If you are looking for a house cleaner in Sydney phone or email Cleaning Contractors NSW to discuss your house/home cleaning requirements.

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We have invested on the last year over $25,000 to develop our own Service Manager Software to speed up our administration, to attend FAST your quotes and job orders, to supply FAST all paper work required for your jobs: insurances, SWMS, SMDS, sub-contractor statements, etc, and process FAST queries, time/cost reports and your invoices.

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